10 Great YouTube Video Review Example for Influencers: A Must-to-Watch!

Are you an aspiring influencer looking to create top-notch YouTube product reviews? Look no further!

In this article, we will showcase 10 exceptional examples of YouTube video reviews and provide you with valuable tips to help you produce high-quality content that attracts viewers and opens doors to sponsored opportunities.

From drones to beauty products, tech gadgets to meal delivery services, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in!

1. Mavic AIR DETAILED REVIEW vs. Mavic Pro – Casey Neistat

Key Features:

  • Informative comparison between Mavic AIR and Mavic Pro drones
  • Demonstrates the product in action
  • Well-edited video with a mix of b-roll shots and self-shots

Casey Neistat, one of the most influential YouTubers, sets the bar high when it comes to product reviews. In this video, he provides an in-depth comparison between the Mavic AIR and Mavic Pro drones. Not only does he share valuable information about the features of each drone, but he also showcases their capabilities by actually using them. The editing is top-notch, incorporating engaging b-roll shots and clear footage of Casey explaining his observations.

2. EVAN SMASHED MY HATCHIMALS!!! Surprise Egg – Review & Destroy! – JillianTubeHD

Key Features:

  • A kid-friendly review of Hatchimals
  • Well-edited with entertaining moments
  • Genuine reactions from a child reviewer

JillianTubeHD presents a fantastic example of how young influencers can create captivating product reviews. Her review of Hatchimals is not only informative but also highly entertaining. She takes viewers through the unboxing process, hatching the egg, and sharing her opinions on the toys inside. The highlight of the video is when her brother, Evan, impatiently smashes his Hatchimal’s egg with a sledgehammer. This video serves as an excellent resource for kids interested in purchasing the product.

3. What’s In My Tech Bag 2018! – TechMeOut

Key Features:

  • A roundup video showcasing multiple tech products
  • Informative and interesting b-roll shots with graphics
  • Genuine enthusiasm for the products reviewed

TechMeOut excels at creating roundup videos, and “What’s In My Tech Bag 2018!” is a prime example. By featuring various tech products in a single video, she maximizes her opportunities for sponsorships from different brands. TechMeOut’s reviews feel genuine because it is clear that she uses the products herself and has a genuine interest in them. The video includes informative b-roll shots and engaging graphics, making it both visually appealing and informative.

4. RIHANNA: FENTY BEAUTY – Review + First Impressions – NikkieTutorials

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive review of Fenty Beauty products
  • Well-lit footage showcasing makeup application
  • Fun facts presented through pop-up graphics

For makeup enthusiasts, NikkieTutorials’ review of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is a must-watch. Not only does Nikkie provide an honest review of the products she tries out, but she also showcases a full finished look using them. The lighting in the video is impeccable, ensuring viewers can see every detail of the makeup application. Additionally, Nikkie adds an extra layer of entertainment by including fun facts through pop-up graphics.

5. WHAT’S HELPING ME EAT CLEAN!? – Claudia Sulewski

Key Features:

  • A lifestyle influencer incorporating product review into her daily life
  • Seamless integration of the product with personal experiences
  • Relatable approach to reviewing sponsored products

Claudia Sulewski takes a unique approach to product reviews by incorporating the product seamlessly into her daily life. In her review of Daily Harvest, a meal delivery service, she starts the video with behind-the-scenes footage of herself and other YouTubers getting together for a shooting day. By integrating the product into her lifestyle in such a relatable way, Claudia creates an effective review that doesn’t feel like traditional advertising.


Key Features:

  • A review of a meal delivery service
  • Comparison to other similar services
  • Genuine opinions from family members

ItsJustKelli demonstrates how to effectively review a service like HelloFresh. She begins the video by comparing HelloFresh to other meal delivery services, which adds valuable context for viewers. Kelli’s authenticity shines through as she cooks each meal from the box and involves her husband and children in sharing their thoughts on the meals. This informative and endearing video serves as an excellent resource for those considering using HelloFresh.

7. Purple Pillow Review: A 10-Pound $100 Pillow? – Freakin’ Reviews

Key Features:

  • An honest review highlighting both pros and cons
  • In-depth knowledge and dedication to reviewing the product
  • Pros and cons displayed as text graphics in the video

James White from Freakin’ Reviews is known for his honest and thorough reviews, and his review of the Purple pillow is no exception. He delves into every aspect of the pillow, including its smell (a negative aspect) and attempts to remove it. James even weighs the pillow to provide detailed information to viewers. One standout feature of this video is how he presents the pros and cons of the pillow as text graphics, making it easy for viewers to understand.

8. Ultimate Electric Toothbrush Review – Oral B vs. Sonicare – San Diego Dentistry

Key Features:

  • A professional review by a dentist
  • Expert knowledge and credibility
  • Comparison between two popular electric toothbrush brands

Sometimes, product reviews are best conducted by professionals in the field. In this video, a dentist from San Diego Dentistry compares Oral-B and Sonicare electric toothbrushes. With his expertise, viewers can trust the information he provides. The reviewer ensures that the toothbrushes are in focus throughout the video, although some shots could benefit from better focus. Overall, this review is highly informative for those looking to invest in an electric toothbrush.

9. HomePod Unboxing! – iJustine

Key Features:

  • An unboxing video showcasing first impressions
  • Demonstration of setting up and using the product
  • Genuine excitement and relatability

iJustine’s HomePod unboxing video is a prime example of how unboxing videos can provide valuable insights into products. Justine’s genuine excitement about trying out the product is evident throughout the video. She takes viewers through the complete setup process and demonstrates various features and applications of the device. By providing this hands-on experience, Justine allows viewers to see how the product works without purchasing it themselves.

10. NIKE Epic REACT Flyknit SNEAKER Review: Is It REALLY Better THAN…? – Jacques Slade

Key Features:

  • A sneaker review by an expert with insider knowledge
  • In-depth analysis of the reviewed shoe technology
  • Clear presentation of pros and cons

Jacques Slade specializes in sneaker reviews, making him a credible source of information for sneaker enthusiasts. In this review of Nike’s REACT Flyknit sneakers, he provides factual information about the shoe technology and offers an in-depth analysis. Jacques’ extensive knowledge enhances his credibility as a reviewer, keeping viewers coming back for more sneaker news and reviews.

Best Practices for YouTube Reviews

Now that we’ve explored these exceptional YouTube product review examples, let’s summarize some best practices that will help you create engaging and informative content:

1. Production quality is crucial: Ensure your videos are well-lit, use a tripod for stability, and keep the product in focus.

2. Mix video with still images/graphics: Add variety to your videos by incorporating b-roll shots, graphics, and overlays.

3. Show yourself actually using the product: Demonstrate the product in action to provide viewers with a real-life experience.

4. Incorporate the product into your daily life: Integrate the product seamlessly into your routine to make the review feel more genuine and relatable.

5. Consider roundup videos: If possible, feature multiple products from different brands in a single video to maximize sponsorship opportunities.

6. Disclose sponsored content: Clearly state if a video is sponsored both within the video itself and in the description or “About” section to comply with regulations.

7. Pay attention to thumbnails and titles: Create eye-catching thumbnails and titles that entice viewers to click on your videos.

By following these best practices and learning from these outstanding YouTube product review examples, you’ll be well-equipped to create compelling content that attracts viewers, builds trust, and opens doors to exciting collaborations with brands.


In conclusion, creating effective YouTube product reviews requires a combination of knowledge about the brand or product, using it yourself, and building trust with your audience.

By studying great examples of YouTube video reviews like those discussed above, you can learn valuable techniques for producing high-quality content that captivates viewers’ attention. So get out there, start reviewing products, and make your mark on the YouTube community!

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