How to Do Goat Simulator Manual 3 Times? 3 Easy Tips

Goat Simulator is one of those games that’s so sensational around the gaming community.

As the name implies, Goat Simulator lets you play as a literal goat in a free-roam situation. Though it sounds as bizarre as it is, the game itself is still pretty challenging at some point, especially for the Goat Simulator Manual 3 Times quest.

So what is this manual 3 times in a combo quest in Goat Simulator? How to do it? Let’s check out this post to find it out!

What is Goat Simulator Manual 3 Times?

The “manual 3 times” thing is actually a quest that you can find in the Goat Simulator game. 

Quest name in the game is “Manual 3 Times in a Combo” which instructs the player to do a manual trick 3 times in a row. This quest is only active when you are in the GoatVille and Goat City Bay.

As you can expect, the “manual” trick in this game actually the same as that skateboarding trick. The only difference here is that you’ll need to balance yourself on two feet as a Goat.

Now you already know the context, let’s go to the guide on doing this thing!

How to Complete Goat Simulator Manual 3 Times Quest

There are 4 actions to do to complete this quest, which are:

  1. Manual to at least 300 points.
  2. Jump and do a flip.
  3. Stick the landing and immediately resume manualling.
  4. Repeat the process twice without ending the combo.

It seems easy looking what needs to be done to complete the quest, but it’s actually not that easy. 

You might need to practice doing the manual trick first. After you’re good with a manual trick, the next thing is to practice is how to do a flip, land, and immediately resume manualling.

1. Doing the Manual Trick

goat simulator manual trick

To start doing Manual trick, you’ll need to press forward and backward repeatedly.

  • On PC, you can press W and S key repeatedly.
  • On console, move your left-stick analog forward and backward repeatedly.

Manual trick will be active when there is the balance gauge shown in the right of the interface. When you’re done, all you need to do is balance yourself when manualling.

2. Doing the Backflip

goat simulator manual 3 times needs you to do a backflip

Doing the manual trick is the easy part, next thing to do will be more tricky, which is doing the Backflip.

To do Backflip in Goat Simulator, you’ll need to jump, rotate your goat, and boom! A backflip!

Well to sum it up, here’s the guide to do that:

  • Hold LT on Xbox or right-click on PC to activate trick rotation.
  • Hold LT or right mouse button and press A or Space.
  • While in the air, press S on the PC or left analog stick downwards to complete the trick.

After you’re doing the Backflip, then you’ll need to land on the Manual trick again! This is the hardest part of completing the quest, since balancing the Manual itself is already hard.

When you’re ultimately doing that 3 times, then your quest is finished!

3.Pro Tip: Use the Slow Motion Feature

It definitely hard, even almost impossible, to complete Goat Simulator “Manual 3 Times” Quest without the Slow Motion mode.

So, don’t forget to use this mode in order to have more time window when doing the Manual, Backflip, and land in the Manual trick again. To start using the Slow Motion you can press “F” button, or “Left D-Pad” on the PlayStation or Xbox joystick.


This quest might be one of the hardest things to do in Goat Simulator games, but now you already know what to do and how to do it! The last thing you need to do is practicing so you can do it smoothly!

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