How To View PlayStation Clips On A Computer [2 Ways]

How to view PlayStation clips on a computer without having to transfer them first? Luckily, it’s quite easy to do with the right tools. Now we will also show you how to watch PS clips on a computer for fast and easy!

Using the PlayStation App is the most convenient way to watch and transfer the clips to your PC or laptop. If you don’t have a PlayStation 5, scroll down to see some alternative methods for transferring the clips to your PC or laptop and watch them.

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What is a PlayStation Clips Viewer?

A PlayStation Clips Viewer is an innovative software tool designed for avid gamers who love sharing their most thrilling gaming moments with their friends and followers on social media.

It enables players to create and customize highlight reels from their gameplay sessions on Twitch, a popular live streaming platform for gamers.

With a PlayStation Clips Viewer, players can easily trim and edit their Twitch clips, add transitions, captions, and music, and then share the final product across various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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How To View PlayStation Clips On Computer Using USB Stick

Source: LaptopChamps

The first method you can try to watch the PS4 clips through a PC is by using the USB stick. To be able to do that, you need either a 2.0 or 3.0 USB stick. Once you are ready with that, let’s just move in the directions.

  • First, plug the USB stick into the PS4 port. If you wish for a more convenient way, you can use the USB hub to plug in the stick easier
  • Second, turn on the PS4 and when you see the home screen, go to the Library
  • Hit Applications > click Capture Gallery
  • Then, pick one clip you want to watch on a PC
  • After that, choose Options, and click Copy to USB Storage Device
  • Select the clips and hit Copy
  • It’s now copied over to the USB, then just unplug the USB stick and plug it into the computer
  • Next, open the USB stick data from the computer
  • Find the PS4 folder, and find your copied video there

Finally, you can open the clip files like other files using any video player. Now, enjoy your PS4 clips from your PC.

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How To View PlayStation Clips On Computer Through Social Media Platforms

How To View PlayStation Clips On Computer Through Social Media Platforms
Source: Business Insider

No USB stick? No worries, because you still have other alternatives to watch the PS4 clip on your computer. You can link the services and upload the clips to the social media platforms you prefer. It can be YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Let’s see how you can manage it.

  • First, open PS4 and go to the Library
  • Second, click Application > choose Capture Gallery
  • After you see the video clips, pick the clip you want to transfer to social media, and hold it
  • Then, upload the selected video clips
  • You’ll be shown three platforms options (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), choose one
  • Next, fill up the credentials and with all of the needed information
  • Click Share whenever you’re ready
  • On the home screen slide to the top bar > go to Settings > Account Management > Link With Other Services
  • Now, go to the browser and just open the platform sites where you share your video clips
  • Finish the upload process
  • Finally, you’re able to watch the video clip as a YouTube or Facebook post.

Bonus: How to Clip PS 4 Streams Using Eklipse

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Don’t just watch the video by yourself. Clip it into a shareable short highlight that you can share with TikTok/Shorts/Reels so that you can get more viewers.

It’s easy, really. All you need to do is sign up for an Eklipse account and upload your gameplay video, and Eklipse will automatically edit and convert it into a viral TikTok-ready clip!

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  1. Sign up for an Eklipse account if you haven’t got one. Login with your account.
  2. Click Streams > Import Streams > Upload a Video directly from your USB.
  3. Find the video you want to clip
  4. Click Convert to TikTok/Shorts/Reels.
  5. Choose your favorite template > Continue Editing.
  6. Edit your video like trimming it, add auto-caption, channel stickers, and more.
  7. Confirm once you done.
  8. To find you edited clip, go to the Edits tab > Edited by you.
  9. Download or share your clip directly to social media.

P.S. This local upload feature can only be used by Eklipse Premium users. So make sure that you already subscribed.

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That’s all about how to view PlayStation clips on a computer. Now, you can try it at home by yourself. Additionally, this guide is suitable for PS4 users. If you’re using PS5 or the previous series, it probably has different steps to do.

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