Guide to Edit Kick Clips into YouTube Shorts with Just 5 Steps.

Kick, a new streaming platform, offers creators an attractive program with an impressive 90% revenue share per subscriber. Within this platform, creators can create brief Kick clips, approximately 30 seconds long, which serve as excellent showcases for the thrilling highlights of their live streams. These clips can be repurposed as captivating content for YouTube Shorts, effectively promoting their Kick Channel.

Curious about effortlessly converting Kick clips into the vertical-style format of YouTube Shorts? In today’s post, we will guide you to edit Kick Clips into YouTube Shorts using Eklipse! It’s an amazing tool that every streamer must try..

How to Edit Kick Clips to YouTube Shorts

This guide will walk you through using Eklipse, the ultimate AI tool that helps streamers improve their social media presence. With Eklipse, you can automatically clip your stream, then easily edit and share it as YouTube Shorts.

Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit and sign up to get started.
  2. Import your Kick clip by copying its URL into the video editor.
  3. Choose a vertical template suitable for YouTube Shorts.
  4. Trim the clip’s duration and make necessary adjustments to the video and audio.
  5. Enhance your video by adding captions, stickers, music, or other creative elements available in the video editor, such as the channel name sticker.
  6. Hit “Confirm”, to process your content.

You can post it directly to YouTube once Eklipse is done editing the content. Therefore, make sure to connect your YouTube account to Eklipse so you can post your content directly.

Why You Should Repurpose Kick Clips for YouTube Shorts

As a streamer, it’s crucial to showcase your impressive gaming skills through Kick clips. Either you play popular titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Valorant.

By doing so, you can expand your audience and improve your social media presence. One of the ways is by editing your Kick clips to vertical short-form platforms, like YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a rapidly growing feature on YouTube, providing creators with a dedicated space to share short, vertical videos. With millions of active users, it offers a vast audience that may not have discovered your content on Kick.

By repurposing your Kick clips for YouTube Shorts, you can tap into this enthusiastic audience, increase your visibility, and potentially gain new subscribers and followers. You can even enhance your presence by combining your clips into a 10-15 minute montage for YouTube content, all accomplished automatically using Eklipse!

Take a look at this guide to find out more: How to Edit Kick Streams for YouTube Content using AI.


In summary, if you’re a gaming streamer creating Kick clips for games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Valorant, editing your content into YouTube Shorts format can help you reach a wider audience. By using an online video editor, you can easily edit your Kick clip into YouTube Shorts format, trimming, enhancing, and customizing it with captions, stickers, and music.

Take advantage of this popular platform to showcase your gaming highlights and connect with viewers on a new level. Let your creativity shine and share it with the YouTube community through Shorts!

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