The Best Recording Software for PC Without Watermark

Looking for the best recording software for PC without a watermark? Well, you have visited the right place, then. A watermark can sometimes make the video look less appealing and even leaves an unprofessional impression.

Thankfully, there are many screen recorder software that is free to use without leaving any watermark for the output. We have listed some of them in our article below so that you can learn their features and compare them to each other.  

1. OBS Studio: The Best Recording Software for PC Without Watermark

The Best Recording Software for PC
Source: Steam

When it comes to a free recorder with no watermark, you shouldn’t miss OBS Studio from the list. This is probably the best tool in terms of streaming and screen recording. 

OBS Studio allows you to do a full-screen recording, as well as recording webcam and computer sound. Not all similar software has this particular feature anyway. Additionally, OBS also features many incredible tools to make your video looks good, such as a green screen effect, colour correction, image mask, and even multiple filters for audio.

However, OBS doesn’t have a built-in video editor. So, using the filters that are previously stated is the only alternative to enhance your video. Above all, OBS is a total-free software you can use without leaving a watermark.


  • Record full screen, webcam, computer sound, microphone, window, and region
  • Featured with multiple filters to enhance your video recording
  • No time limit, watermark, and ad-free
  • Intuitive audio mixer
  • Produce high-quality video


  • Not so friendly for beginners
  • No built-in editor
  • Has no “pause” function for recording

2. FreeCam

The Best Recording Software for PC Without Watermark
Source: Free Screen Recording

As the name suggests, FreeCam is free software that helps you to record your screen or gameplay easily. This tool offers you two recording options, a full-screen recording or a specific ratio of the video.

Not only it can produce a good quality video, but it’s also able to remove background noises from your video. However, FreeCam doesn’t enable you to do a webcam recording just like OBS Studio. So, it might be not enough for streaming.


  • Completely free to use
  • No Watermark and ads
  • Allows users to do a full or specific screen recorder
  • Beginner friendly
  • Produce high-resolution output
  • Can removes background noises
  • Featured with built-in audio and video editor
  • No time limit recording


  • Unable to do a webcam recording
  • Saves video in WMV format only

3. Bandicam: One of The Best Recording Software for PC

Best screen recorder for PC without watermark software
Source: Bandicam

Recording a screen or gameplay at high FPS could sometimes reduce the quality of the video. Of course, none want it to happen on their video, especially if you want to post them to social media. But worry no more about that since you have Bandicam here.

High FPS is not a big deal for Bandicam as it still can produce 4K UHD resolution video. Interestingly, the video is still in a small file, so it doesn’t require the CPU to work harder. 

But just like FreeCam, Bandicam is not featured with a stream-recording tool which means you can only record your screen. Anyway, you can spend $39.95 for extra features to enhance your video. Are you interested to give it a shot?


  • Able to record 4K UHD video at a high FPS
  • Works with screen and external devices
  • High perform in a small file
  • Comes with a friendly interface


  • The upgrade version is a little bit pricey
  • No built-in editing features
  • Doesn’t support live streaming

4. Windows 10 Game Bar: Another Best Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark

best screen recorder for pc without watermark and no time limit
Source: Thurott

Windows 10 Game Bar might be on your must-try list of screen recorder software due to its convenience. This tool can assist you to record screens as well as making memes with high-quality output. 

What makes this tool special is that you don’t require to do the external installation which can take up your device space because Game Bar appears as a widget. In addition to that, you can do a recording effortlessly using any shortcuts like pressing the microphone, and more.


  • Record screen at full HD resolution
  • Enables users to take screenshots and create memes
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Customizable audio mixer
  • No external app installation is required


  • Only compatible with Windows 10 and higher version
  • The system performance could get affected

5. QuickTime

Source: Nesaba Media

If you are a Mac user and trying to find a watermark-free screen recorder, QuickTime might be the best choice of all. Apple device is quite exclusive when it comes to external software. Any recording software which are compatible with Windows don’t always fit on Mac.

Luckily, QuickTime is designed exclusively for Apple devices. It enables you to not only record your Mac screen but also your iPhone and iPad while they’re connected to your Mac.


  • Produce high-resolution output
  • Able to record connected iPhone and iPad
  • No external installation is required
  • Featured with a basic editing option
  • No watermark and ads-free
  • Very easy to use


  • Available only for Mac/Apple device
  • Recording audio from the mic is troublesome.

6. VLC Media Player

Source: Wikipedia

Many of you might be a little surprised to find VLC on this list. Well, indeed, VLC Media Player is mostly used for playing audio or video files. Turns out that VLC is also able to be used as a screen recorder for PC without a time limit. 

Although it’s not particularly specified for screen recording just like other software, VLC Media Player still can give you good quality output. It’s quite enough for a beginner though. Above all, it’s watermark-free and you won’t get annoyed by any ads at all.


  • Able to record and play video or audio files
  • Save and convert video in various file formats
  • Compatible with all operating system
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Featured with fewer options for adjustments
  • Unable to record customized area


So, from the list of the best recording software for pc without watermark above, which one do you think is the best? You can consider the pros and cons, then try each of them to find one that suits your needs. Do you have any other recommendations for screen recording software? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy recording!

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