Best Games to Stream on Twitch for New Streamers in 2022

Did you decide to dip your toe into a game streaming world? If so, then you can start to choose the best games to stream on Twitch for new streamers in 2022. Well, every game you decide to play on Twitch can determine how much success you’ll get to run your journey on a platform.

Many newcomers have taken the wrong way to start their streaming journey by playing popular games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Apex Legends. Actually, playing a popular game will bring you to the arena where all famous streamers gather and play the same game. With that said, it will be difficult to grow due to the amount of competition.

But don’t worry about that. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to choose the best games for small streamers in 2022 along with the game list you can try to grow your channel. Here we go.

How to Choose the Best Game to Stream for Beginner

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Since you are a newbie in the streaming world, it means that you might have fewer experiences than those who started their journey a long time ago. That said, your starting point is also different from the senior streamers. So, it’s advisably to play the game with these specific characters:

  • Has low competitors. It means that there are not many streamers in the category. It’s the best opportunity to gain the trust of your viewers and increase your position with your achievements.
  • Has an Active and Passionate audience. Having low competitors is good, but be sure the game has an active community to enjoy it. With a high number of passionate audiences, you can start earning viewers.

Best Games To Stream On Twitch For New Streamers 2022

You might wonder what to stream on Twitch to get viewers. Thankfully, we have listed some interesting games with low competitors but an active community. Let’s dive right into the list.

1. Minecraft (One of the Best Games to Stream on Twitch for New Streamers in 2022)

Best Games to Stream on Twitch for New Streamers in 2022
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Minecraft has become one of the most popular games to stream on Twitch. This game is quite good to play for newbie streamers due to its less point of difficulty. Players can explore anything in this game and make something as creative as possible.

Other than that, Minecraft is also great for community interaction where players can relax in the game’s nostalgia. In this game, players are able to create interaction with other players. Additionally, this game is recommended for streamers with 10-50 concurrent viewers.

2. Animal Crossing

best games for small streamers in 2022
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Looking for a simulation game with a cute visual display? Then Animal Crossing will be great for you. It’s also good for new streamers since there are huge followers who always want to see what others are up to.

Not only it has a big community, but Animal Crossing is also quite easy to play. No need for a special skill, just have fun and explore anything there. Above all, this game is ideal for streamers with 10-30 concurrent viewers.

3. Albion Online

Source: Google Play

Albion Online is an open-world MMORPG that enables you to get full loot PVP and massive high-risk group fighting. It’s a great game if you want to play something that can show off your skill in killing enemies.

Aside from its challenging yet exciting gameplay, Albion Online also has a very loyal community. So, if you want to start growing your channel from zero, you can play this game, give your best performance, and attract viewers as many as you can.

4. Death by Daylight

Source: Deathbydeadlight

Are you a die-hard fan of horror games? Then try Death by Daylight as the starting point of your career. This game offers you thrilling gameplay that is full of blood, violence, and of course gore.

Though it sounds terrifying to play, however, this game presents a nice storyline that is able to make players get addicted. Being a Killer or Survivor is all your choice. But whatever the choice, many players always want to see how the round ends. That’s why this game has a passionate audience and is quite good for your starting point.

For further details about Death by Daylight, you can go to our blog and read our previous article there.

5. Phasmophobia


Another alternative for Dead by Daylight is Phasmophobia. This game enables you to team up with friends to explore haunted locations as a group of paranormal investigators. Well, if you are brave enough and enjoy any jump scares, so this is perfect for you.

Above all, who can deny any zombie-themed game? Therefore, you need to take your chance to gain viewers by playing this game. It’s recommended for Twitch Affiliate members to add a bit donation alert with audio of a scream to drive monetization.


So, which one of those best games to stream on Twitch for new streamers in 2022 do you want to try? If you are a middle-range or popular streamer, you can try other exciting games to stream on Twitch. Do you have any other game suggestions for the newcomers? Please leave your comment below!

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