Twitch VIP: Perks and How To Get It

If you are new to Twitch, you may often see some channels that have a pink badge with a white diamond inside on their profile. Well, that’s what we called the VIP badge. Twitch VIP is actually a kind of recognition for the most dedicated members of certain channels.

The VIP status is usually granted to viewers who have supported the streamer through a subscription or donation. In addition, those who get this status will have exclusive access to certain features and perks. Let’s dive in and discover what being a VIP is all about!

What Is Twitch VIP? Know More About It

Twitch VIP is a special badge that tells us about the specific role on Twitch. This VIP badge is given out by streamers with certain achievements.

Whoever has this special badge can give it to their chosen members or viewers. Yes, several conditions allow a viewer to get a VIP badge from the streamer. They are the ones who are considered a loyal viewer.

Twitch VIP Badge- How To Unlock And Use VIP Badge -
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Loyalty from viewers is important to develop a streamer to grow up. It is a ladder for the streamer’s success. So, this badge is a form of gratitude for certain viewers that have spent most of their time supporting any streamer on Twitch.

Additionally, those who received this badge and status will also have access to some special perks. These perks can include things like exclusive emotes, access to special chat rooms, and the ability to join the streamer’s Discord server.

Apart from all that, it is actually easy to identify those who get VIP Twitch badges. You can find the unique pink icon with a white diamond inside. It looks like an emote indeed, but just so you know that this icon cannot be customized.

The Requirements To Get A VIP Badge For Streamers

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A Twitch VIP badge is a valuable thing you can only get through your achievements on this streaming platform. So, there’s no way to buy this thing.

Only qualified streamers can be assigned VIP badges from Twitch. So what are the qualifications you have to fulfill as a streamer to get this special thing?

First thing first, you need to complete the Build a Community achievement on your channel. By accomplishing this achievement, you can unlock the first 10 VIP badges. You must have at least 50 followers and 5 chatters to complete this achievement.

Chatters is a unique chat from 5 visitors on a selected date. The more followers and viewers you can get, the more VIP badges will be given to you.

These are how many VIP badges you can get in multiple chatters.

Unique ChattersVIP Badges

For streamers who plan to hand over the badge, select at least three regular viewers who helped you achieve Affiliate status or 75 viewers who helped you achieve Partner status.

How to Get A Twitch VIP Badge

Twitch VIP Badge icon
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As previously mentioned, the key to obtaining a VIP badge is to be loyal to a certain channel. And to make sure that the streamer is keeping eye on you, you’ll need to consistently do these things:

  1. Keep sending messages – Start by building a relationship with your favorite streamers by regularly messaging them and chatting with other viewers. Remember to be friendly, but don’t rush things or you may be considered spam. Just let everything flow naturally, so people will enjoy having you around.
  2. Avoid doing inappropriate things – stay away from doing anything inappropriate. There are many ways to get noticed, but please avoid any trouble. Don’t bully, spam, or post irrelevant links on chat.
  3. Help on Discord – don’t limit yourself to just Twitch, engage with people on Discord as well, share any relevant memes or promote the stream to your community.
  4. Share the stream with your friends and family – help the streamer grow their channel by sharing the streams with your friends and family. The more people that watch, the higher the view stats will be.
  5. Be the first to chat – this behavior will show how much you put attention to your favorite streamer. Additionally, becoming the first one to give streamers a warm greeting will make them feel appreciated.
  6. Participate in the Giveaways – Not only active on chat, but viewers can also participate in every giveaway from the streamer. This is essential to increase the chance of winning.
  7. Welcome and help new members – helping the streamer to welcome and lend a hand to new members will increase the engagement of the community. The streamer will love it.

How to Give VIP Badge To Viewers

Have you got 50 followers and 5 chatters yet? If yes, you are supposed to be assigned 10 badges then. Now, you have to find your valuable viewers to receive these badges.

To start sharing the badges you need to do the following step:

  1. Go to and log in with your account
  2. Hit the profile picture at the top right corner
  3. Find the Creator Dashboard from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on Community, then go to Roles Manager
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  1. Now, you’ll see your list of followers on your channel
  2. Afterward, hit Add New, and type the name of the follower
VIP Roles
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  1. Once it comes up, click on the name and give it the badge
  2. Click the VIP box, and hit Save
  3. Now, you have made this follower a VIP
  4. Do the same thing to other selected followers

The Perk of Being VIPs

Viewers who receive VIP badges from the streamer can gain several advantages. Here are the things that will make you special:

  • VIP can chat without being affected by slow mode, sub-only or followers-only mode
  • VIP is not affected by rate limits
  • VIPs can post links on the chat even when the links are disabled
  • There will be a special badge on the username

Avoid These Things If You Don’t Wanna Lose Your Twitch VIP Badge

The VIP badge is not forever in your username. You need to do several things to keep this special badge from falling into another viewer. To do it, you need to avoid doing these things:

  • No longer being an active participant during the stream for a quite long time
  • Breaking Twitch rules such as spam, is a toxic member, talking something bad within the community, or sending irrelevant links

When a streamer notices you have done these things, they will immediately remove your badge. You don’t have to be overthrown after all the efforts you’ve made, do you?


The Twitch VIP badge is one of the best ways for a streamer to show their appreciation for their viewers/followers. With their loyalty, the streamer can go to the top of their popularity. But despite not being selected to be VIPs, you still be appreciated in other ways.

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