TikTok Templates for Gaming Videos in Eklipse

Looking for ideas to make your gaming clips look cooler? Then you need to try Eklipse’s TikTok templates for gaming videos. As an A.I-generated tool, Eklipse allows you to create highlight clips automatically, and convert them to TikTok.

Nowadays, a short video has taken a big part in social media. And one of the most popular platforms that will let you share your incredible videos is TikTok. Due to its popularity that increases every day, no wonder that most gamers are starting to move here to show their existence.

Therefore, Eklipse comes with everything you need to create and share gaming clips, including the template for your upcoming post. Let’s see what you can find in Eklipse that can help you improve your gaming content.

Blurred Template

TikTok video template free download

Sometimes while you’re trying to change the ratio of your highlight clips to be 9:16 as it fits TikTok outlay, you could probably cut a certain part of the screen. This is not really good actually. Therefore, Eklipse lets you share your clip in a horizontal position to keep it original.

However, to make it looks good on vertical outlay, we provided the Blur template as our newest feature. So, you can still enjoy your highlight clip in its original screen position without something weird in the background.

Additionally, it will look like your gameplay is in the background too but they’re blurred. This is actually amazing. Don’t you want to try it?

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Split TikTok Templates for Gaming Videos

Eklipse’s TikTok Templates for Gaming Videos

This template provides you with a split outline, where you can show your gameplay on the screen alongside your face cam. So, the audience can see both your gaming moment and your face while playing the game.

This will be perfect if you want to show your skill during the game, and to put some entertainment by showing off your face. Maybe you can amuse your viewers with your funny expression while failing to tackle the boss down, along with how you play your role within the game.

Despite the screen being split into two sides, your gameplay will get a larger ratio than your face cam scene. We want the viewers to keep paying their attention to the gameplay instead focusing themselves on your face by applying this ratio.

Full Screen

As the name it, this template will let you show full-screen gameplay without a single face came to appear on it. By choosing this template, you’ll allow your viewers to be more focused on how you play the game instead of seeing your face. 

This will be the best choice if you want to serve detailed gaming moments to the viewers. Additionally, they won’t be distracted by your absurd face while trying to complete some difficult missions on the game. 

Though you might cut several parts of the original screen due to ratio changes, however, you’ll still be able to capture your gaming moment perfectly by adjusting it to the right position.

Small Facecam

Still want to share your expression while playing the game, but without taking more space from your gameplay? No worries, because you can get your need by choosing our Small Facecam template.

Basically, it’s similar to the Split template but in a smaller version. In addition to its facecam small screen, you can move this rectangle screen anywhere you want. I could be on the top corner of the screen, or the bottom side of the screen.

Circle Facecam: Another Free Eklipse’s TikTok Templates for Gaming Videos

TikTok Templates for Gaming Videos

The alternative template besides the Small Facecam is Circle Facecam. It’s exactly similar to the Small Facecam template but it has a circle form. It may look nicer compared to the standard rectangle ones. 

Benefits of using gaming templates for creating TikTok videos:

  1. Streamlined content creation:
    • Templates provide a structured framework that simplifies the process of creating high-quality gaming videos.
    • With predefined layouts and visual elements, you can quickly organize your footage and showcase your gaming highlights with ease.
    • It’s like having a roadmap for your video creation journey, guiding you through the process and saving you precious time and effort.
  2. Professional look and feel:
    • Gaming templates offer professionally designed layouts and visual elements that instantly elevate the overall appearance of your TikTok gaming content.
    • From stylish transitions and animated overlays to eye-catching text effects, these templates make your videos stand out from the crowd.
    • It’s like having a professional designer at your side, ensuring that your gaming videos have that polished and captivating look that viewers can’t resist.

So, fellow gamers, it’s time to harness the power of gaming templates and take your TikTok content to new heights. With streamlined content creation and a professional touch, you’ll captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.


With all of those TikTok templates for gaming videos in Eklipse, you can create stunning highlight clips as many as you want. Therefore, we encourage you to try our incredible tool to assist you to produce more quality content.

If you want to try these cool templates for TikTok, you can hit the following button to register yourself for free, and start making amazing highlight clips using our tool. Anyway, Eklipse has launched new feature called TikTok online editor. This feature enables you to edit your TikTok video instantly. Are you curious with this feature? Visit eklipse.gg/tiktok to prove it yourself. Happy clipping!

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