Best Streamladder Alternatives for streamers

Eklipse brings you the best Streamladder alternatives that you can use as a streaming beginner or pro. This will be a comprehensive review of each alternative software along with their pros and cons. Let’s find out the best one so you can make a wiser choice for your long-term use.

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Combo- Best Twitch Alternative

Most streamers need those highlight clips for their Twitch streams. If you are that exclusive with your streaming and only use Twitch as your main platform. We say check out Combo. It can get the job done for you. You can use Combo to further convert these clips to Tiktok videos and cross promote your content across the two platforms.

Eklipse- Best Streamladder Alternative Overall

Eklipse is the best of all streamladder alternatives in the market right now. It can convert your stream highlights clip to Tiktok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts format and you can share the AI generated clip across any social media.

You have an option to connect your Twitch, YouTube, Tiktok or Facebook account with Eklipse to get your AI made highlights. It supports them all.

Eklipse also has a Weekly Showcase feature which converts your weekly best highlights into a montage. You can post this montage to show off your gameplay anywhere. Eklipse is free to use so far but working on a premium version to enhance your highlights experience.

Crossclip- Best Mobile Alternative

Crossclip is powered by Streamlabs so first of all, you will need a streamlabs account to use it. It can convert your Twitch & YouTube clips. You can convert them to Tiktok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts or Facebook videos too.

To avoid any confusion, it will only process your clips and not your streams. You will also need the Crossclip mobile app to share your clips on your socials.

HyperTrigger- Best OBS Companion

You have to download HyperTrigger to make highlights from your streams. Simply put, it is an OBS companion that captures moments using buit-in AI with certain triggers. When you use hypertrigger with OBS while streaming you will get a notification after performing certain actions that the AI captures. Share these moments online and enjoy.

Powder- Best iOS alternative

Powder is the best one of the iOS streamladder alternatives. It can record and clip many games for you. All you have to do is complete some quests and powder will clip those moments from your gaming session. It has a very unique discord bot feature that allows you to play powder quests with your friends on discord. Powder is also available for PC download. Just play the quests, get highlights and win rewards.


These are all the best streamladder alternatives in the market right now. We are trying to turn Eklipse into a better service for gamers/streamers every single day. In order to do so, we need your constant support and feedback. Join our discord community to stay updated with the latest changes and updates or try Eklipse for free now! Check out these Combo alternatives too and subscribe to our blog for more relevant content.

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