20+ Popular Twitch Emotes in 2024: A Visual Guide

Does your Twitch chat feel like a ghost town? No worries, streamers! Ditch the awkward silence and unlock the fun with these 20+ popular Twitch emotes of 2024!

Think of Twitch like a wild jungle, where pixels turn into awesome friends and everyone hangs out online. But plain words just aren’t enough, that’s where emotes come in! These tiny pictures pack a big punch, turning your chat into a laugh riot, a cheers-filled party, or even a playful battleground.

Ready for a ride? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the coolest emotes of the year, ready to make your stream sizzling hot and your chat go wild!

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Top Twitch Emotes (2024)

Looking for the popular Twitch emotes to use during your stream? Here we present the best Twitch emotes to add a touch of excitement to your live session

1. Kappa – A Twitch Legend

Out of the myriad emotes available, ‘Kappa’ stands out as legendary, reigning supreme in popularity. Originating from former Justin.TV employee Josh DeSeno, Kappa has become the quintessential symbol on Twitch, consistently topping emote usage charts.

Widely recognized, Kappa’s grayscale head is often employed for trolling or sarcasm, expanding beyond its initial context. Variants like KappaClaus and KappaPride have emerged, with the elusive golden Kappa reserved for the chosen few.

2. TriHard – A Journey in Popularity

Featuring the excited face of TriHex, a renowned Twitch streamer, ‘TriHard’ gained prominence in 2012 during a Yoshi’s Island speedrun. While initially innocent, its misuse by racists has sparked debates. Use ‘TriHard’ cautiously, reserving it for moments of genuine excitement during intense on-screen actions.

3. PogChamp – Origin of Surprise

Based on the astonished face of Ryan ‘Gootecks’ Gutierrez, a fighting game expert, ‘PogChamp’ became a beloved Twitch emote, originating from a 2010 Counter Cross TV outtakes video. Perfect for expressing surprise or excitement, PogChamp has become an iconic symbol of unexpected moments.

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4. 4Head – League of Legends Grin

As the fourth most popular Twitch emote, ‘4Head’ showcases the cheerful visage of popular League of Legends streamer Cadburry. This straightforward emote, with its happy grinning face, is ideal for appreciating funny, amusing, or heartwarming moments.

5. CMonBruh – Controversial Contender

The origins of ‘cmonBruh’ remain unclear, but since its 2016 arrival on Twitch, it has courted controversy due to its adoption by racists. Use this emote with caution, specifically when expressing shock or confusion at something seen or heard, avoiding potential offense.

6. LUL BTTV – Enhanced Laughter

The next popular Twitch emotes is BTTV, introduced by BetterTTV, bring an enhanced dimension to Twitch, allowing users to create unique emotes. ‘LUL BTTV,’ often referred to as ‘omegalul,’ amplifies laughter, serving as a more extreme version of the standard ‘LUL.’

7. haHAA BTTV – Awkward Expressions

Introduced through a Lonely Island Music video, ‘haHAA’ embodies awkwardness and discomfort. This BTTV emote, utilized to express cringe-worthy moments, gained notoriety in Twitch’s speedrunning community.

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8. SourPls BTTV – Celebratory Dance

The animated BTTV emote ‘SourPls’ features Twitch staff member ‘SourNotHardcore’ dancing in a Toys “R” Us toy store, celebrating momentous occasions with stylish dance moves.

9. FeelsGoodMan/FeelsBadMan – Dual Emotional Expressions

Based on the enduring Pepe meme, ‘FeelsGoodMan’ and ‘FeelsBadMan’ represent opposing emotional states as popular Twitch emotes. Use ‘FeelsBadMan’ for sadness and disappointment, while ‘FeelsGoodMan’ signifies jubilation and happiness.

10. MonkaS – Anxious Pepe

The third Twitch incarnation of Pepe, ‘MonkaS,’ conveys anxiety and stress. The rigid stance and beads of sweat emphasize the emote’s purpose.

11. Poggers – Pepe Tribute

Inspired by the PogChamp emote, ‘Poggers’ pays homage to Gootecks, capturing excitement in unfathomable situations with a cartoon frog.

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12. PepeHands – Crying Pepe

Depicting Pepe in tears with hands close to his face, ‘PepeHands’ expresses extreme sadness and sorrow, reflecting the diverse emotions of Twitch users. This is also one of the most popular Twitch emotes used today!

13. Mr. Destructoid – Stylish Response

The metallic ‘Mr. Destructoid’ serves as a stylish response when a stream faces technical difficulties, showcasing the exuberance of the popular video game website Destructoid’s mascot.

14. Jebaited – Calling Out Shenanigans

Featuring Alex Jebailey’s expressive face, ‘Jebaited’ calls out the shady shenanigans of a streamer or commentator, allowing users to express awareness of traps or trolling attempts.

15. GachiGASM – Pleasurable Witness

Originating from the Japanese term ‘gachimuchi,’ meaning a muscular man with some extra weight, ‘GachiGASM’ indicates intense pleasure and overwhelming happiness in response to something witnessed.

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16. Kreygasm – Elation and Pleasure

Derived from the face of Twitch streamer Kreyg, ‘Kreygasm’ mirrors gachiGASM, expressing intense elation or pleasure during a stream.

17. PJSalt – Calling Out Saltiness

A black and white emote inspired by an upturned can of salt, ‘PJSalt’ calls out someone for being salty or expressing sour reactions, offering a humorous addition to Twitch chats.

18. BibleThump – Game-Inspired Sadness

Taken from the game The Binding of Isaac, ‘BibleThump’ features the crying face of the titular hero, expressing deep sadness and often used to convey emotional moments within Twitch chats.

19. ResidentSleeper – Boredom Personified

Symbolizing boredom, ‘ResidentSleeper’ serves as a cautionary warning during Twitch marathons, indicating a struggle to stay awake or engage with the content.

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20. WutFace – Expression of Fear

The ‘WutFace’ emote, based on the confused expression of Twitch esports broadcaster Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, symbolizes pure fear and is used to seek clarification when faced with confusing statements.

21. DansGame – Disgust and Confusion

Taken from the Twitch streamer DansGaming, ‘DansGame’ expresses confusion, disgust, or discomfort in response to something false or disgusting.

22. SMOrc – Orcish Presence

Based on the Warhammer 40K series, ‘SMOrc’ represents a Space Marine Orc and is utilized to call out obnoxious behavior or demand attention from Twitch streamers.

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What are Emotes?

Think of them as Twitch’s version of emojis but taken to the next level. Similar to the cute icons that spice up your text conversations, emotes are small image-based graphics that add flair and expression to your otherwise plain words. Unlike emojis, Twitch emotes are more intricate, coming in various shapes and sizes.

What Types of Twitch Emotes are on Twitch?

Now, let’s break down the main categories of Twitch Emotes:

  1. Robot Emotes: These robotic characters act as Twitch’s version of conventional emojis. Everyone on Twitch can freely use these adorable faces.
  2. Global Emotes: These emotes are the stars of the Twitch chat experience, often referencing internet culture, memes, or specific Twitch streamers. Like robot emotes, these are free for all Twitch viewers.
  3. Partner/Affiliate Emotes: Exclusive to subscribers of a Twitch partner or affiliate, these emotes are unique to the streamer or their channel, directly referencing them. Partners or affiliates, based on their subscriber count, can create up to 50 of these exclusive emotes.
  4. Subscription Service Emotes: Users with Twitch Turbo or Twitch Prime subscriptions gain access to multiple sets of alternative emoji-like icons.

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Where did They Come From?

So, where did these emotes come from? Surprisingly, they weren’t always part of Twitch’s culture. Despite Twitch launching in 2011, emotes took over in 2015, becoming an integral part of the Twitch community.

What is the Most Popular Twitch Emote?

Right now, TriHard is the most popular Twitch emotes, with almost half a billion uses. Close behind, LUL and the Twitch heart emote take the second and third spots, with a difference of around 75 million uses.

How do I Use Twitch Emotes?

To join in on the fun and use emotes, simply navigate to the Twitch chat feed during a stream. Click on the smiley face icon in the top right corner of your chat box, select the emote you want, and voila! Alternatively, you can type the emote code directly into the message box.

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Why should I Use Twitch Emotes?

Well, apart from being synonymous with Twitch’s brand, emotes capture the relaxed and inclusive vibe of the platform. They’re fun to use and, like emojis, derive their name from “emotion.” Using emotes in messages lets you convey feelings more visibly and humorously, injecting tone and enthusiasm into your communication

When should I Use Emotes?

Twitch introduced emotes to help viewers feel connected to the content. In the fast-paced environment of Twitch chats, emotes are perfect for expressing thoughts and feelings, ensuring you stand out in the bustling conversation. So, go ahead and add a splash of emotion to your Twitch experience!

Who are the Twitch Emotes?

Many Twitch emotes are inspired by Twitch streamers or the platform’s staff. Examples include Kappa, HeyGuys, and PRChase representing Twitch staff, while PogChamp, MingLee, and KKona symbolize various streamers.

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What Makes a Good Twitch Emote?

The popularity of Twitch emotes often depends on their clear and intended use. For example, LUL is commonly used when people find something amusing, Kappa surfaces during moments of sarcasm or jest, and HeyGuys pops up to greet others.

How do I Find My Most used Emote on Twitch?

To use BetterTTV emotes on Twitch, you need to install the BTTV plugin on your browser. Once installed, simply type the corresponding text for the emote in the chat, and there you go! The emote will be displayed alongside other well-known Twitch global emotes.

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So, that’s everything we have on the popular Twitch emotes in 2024. It’s evident that these digital symbols have transcended mere communication tools; they’ve become the shorthand for laughter, surprise, and shared moments in the vast, virtual amphitheater of Twitch. Now, let’s harness the power of these unique Twitch emotes to enhance your live streaming sessions. Happy gaming!