How to Get Your Twitch Stream Key


So, you’re trying to stream on Twitch but can’t seem to find your stream key? No worries, it’s actually really easy to get.

A stream key is a unique code that becomes a bridge between the broadcasting software to the streaming platform.

On Twitch, the key is actually easy to obtain, and you don’t need to fulfill any requirement to get it.

Here’s what you need to do to get your stream key and start streaming on Twitch!

What Is a Stream Key?

How Much Data Does Twitch Streaming Use
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A Twitch stream key is a unique code that allows you to broadcast your live streams to your Twitch channel.

It’s a crucial component in connecting your broadcasting software like (Streamlabs or OBS) to your Twitch account, as it gives you access to your unique stream.

Your should keep your key secure, as anyone who has access to it can stream to your channel.

How To Get a Twitch Stream Key

The stream key can be accessed by everyone who has an account on the platform

Not like TikTok, there are no follower or age requirements needed to access the stream key.

So, all you need to get the key is an active Twitch account.

To get the key, check out the next section.

How To Find Twitch Stream Key

twitch stream key
  1. Navigate to Twitch and make sure you are logged in with your account info.
  2. When you select your profile in the top right, a drop-down menu will appear. From this menu go to Settings.
  3. You can find your stream key and preferences on the “Channel and Videos” in Settings screen. 
  4. The stream key is censored for privacy purposes. If you want to see your key, simply press ‘Show‘ located below the box.
  5. Click Copy then paste it on your broadcasting software

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The Reset option may seem unnecessary, but in a worst-case scenario, it proves necessary.

If someone besides you has access to your stream key, you can click the reset button.

It will prevent strangers to use old keys. This is an efficient way of doing so since we’ll use our newly generated one instead!


So, that’s about how to get your Twitch stream key. Once you go live, you can finally express yourself easily. Your audience might even clip your highlights if they find it interesting enough!

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