Sifu Game Analysis: An Ultimate Kung Fu Experience

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Sifu game launch trailer for PS and PC is out now. The game will also be available on Epic games store starting today so we are here to give you some insight on everything we know and have to say. Let’s analyze,

Sifu Game Analysis

It is such a paradox that adding lives in beat’em ups either works or it does not and who knew that in 2022 a video game launch will trigger this discussion again. Whether you are adding or subtracting lives, one thing we can say for sure that Sifu is the greatest advancement this genre has made so far. So if you are here, welcome because you my friend have a very fine taste

Sifu is a great martial arts experience where you take on the role of an agile character with quick reflexes and powerful moves. It is a mixture between defense and offense that will get those points rolling in fast.

The game has different inspirations from classic martial arts movies and this influences its level design tremendously. For instance, you bust through doors into hallways full of enemies and it makes you reminisce of scenes in films like “The matrix” or “Enter the Dragon.” You’ll find yourself living in those moments as your character moves gracefully around corners fighting an unfolding battle on two planes at once until victory finds them.

A Combat SS in Sifu
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The story followed a young protagonist’s quest for vengeance after his family got murdered. This takes him through various locations in a Chinese city. He will battle foes while gaining skills that will help him on his journey further. You as the MC will explore streets full of gangs and goons, climb over corporate towers and fighting endlessly. Sifu will accompany you as your old Kung Fu master.

Sifu Gameplay

This game flourishes with finesse. You can use the environment to your advantage, throwing weapons at opponents or battering them with objects in hand-to combat that creates some intense yet still exciting moments where strategy comes into play; but remember-when all else fails don’t forget about those crushing takedowns!

The fluidity of the combat system is offset by how unforgiving it can be. You’re always heavily outnumbered, often times distressingly so; yet you do have means to overcome each fight with style and panache!

Sifu game combat
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The more deaths the player character has, the wiser they become. They can unlock new abilities with each death that help them in battle against increasingly difficult foes.

The player’s character will age several years depending on the number of points left on their death counter. If you’re lucky enough, it could be a quick fight and only one year goes by before they reach an older stage in life where there are visible changes such as lower health but more attack power overall which can potentially make up for lost time if done right

Elements & Skill Tree

Just like Chinese martial arts five elements concept is an important element in Sifu game. It serves as the basis for many different fields and phenomena, such as how it influences your level ups or what kind of crystals you’ll find during gameplay to help with certain aspects like defense against enemies.

Over time, you will learn many skills that make fighting more effective. However if they are not trained properly then the player risks losing them during each cycle of a game over; but by practicing and using these abilities fully into games ahead we can ensure their permanent upgrades stay with us through new cycles too.

Sifu Game Review

As a game, Sifu is by no means perfect and still has a big for improvement specially considering the supernatural factors. The game has solved the eternal problem of beat’em ups which was not having an organic and coherent duration or challenge. The game is exceptional in what it promises.
Or as polygon says:
“The “badass martial arts master” portion of the pitch is executed with incredible skill. Sifu has the bones of a wonderful action game, giving you all the tools to play out your Hong Kong action fantasies.” Read more…


The Game trailer features a protagonist that is similar to Sekiro, mixed with some Hong Kong fight elements. There is also gameplay insights and storyline in the video. One such insight was about how the game will be challenging for players who are unfamiliar with fighting games where they can switch between characters on-the-fly, while also being able to use their environment as an advantage.

It’s going to create a sense of tension when you’re not sure which character or skill tree you’ll need next! This makes it sound very exciting and different from other Sony Kung Fu titles out there today. Keep reading our blog for more game reviews and updates.


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