OBS Replay Buffer: How to Setup and Best Alternative

If you’ve been using OBS for streaming or recording, you should definitely take advantage of their Replay Buffer feature.

This feature works like all the other clipping tools, and all you have to do is enable it in OBS.

In this article, we will guide you on OBS Replay Buffer, including the step-by-step process to set it up, and explore the best alternative for clipping tool that may be suitable for you if you have a low-end PC.

How to Setup OBS Replay Buffer As Your Stream Clipping Tool

Setting up OBS Replay Buffer requires just three simple steps. First, you need to enable the feature. Second, adjust the recording quality settings. Lastly, set up your hotkey for instant clip creation. The short step-by-step instruction is as follow:

  1. Enable the Replay Buffer in Settings > Output.
  2. Adjust recording quality in the Recording tab under Output settings.
  3. Set up hotkeys for the Replay Buffer in Settings > Hotkeys.
  4. Start the Replay Buffer using the hotkey and start streaming or recording.
  5. To clip an exciting moment, press the hotkey for the “Save Replay Buffer” function.

If you’re interested in using OBS Replay Buffer as your stream clipping tool, read on for detailed instructions on the setup process.

Step 1: Enabling the OBS Replay Buffer

To enable the Replay Buffer in OBS, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Output > change the mode to Advanced
  3. Tick the “Enable Replay Buffer” box
  4. Adjust the replay duration by changing the number on “Maximum Replay Time” box

Please keep in mind that the longer the replay buffer duration you set, the more RAM will be used by your PC. Therefore, it’s essential to adjust the duration to suit your PC’s specifications.

Now that you’ve enabled the OBS replay buffer, the next step is optional – adjusting the recording quality

Step 2 – Adjusting Replay Buffer Recording Quality

To adjust your recording quality, you need to go to the “Recording” tab under the “Output” settings.

There are two ways to adjust the recording quality – the easy way and the advanced way. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Easy way to adjust OBS replay buffer quality:

  1. Go to “Output” in the left-side settings menu.
  2. Select “Recording.”
  3. Look for the “Encoder” section and set it to “(Use stream encoder).”

Advanced way to adjust OBS replay buffer

  1. Continuing from the step above, choose the encoder you want to use (x264 for example)
  2. After that, you can manually tweak every aspect of your encoder, like the “Rate Control”, “Bitrate”, “CPU Usage Preset”, and more

It’s important to keep in mind that adjusting the recording quality is crucial to ensure optimal performance on your PC. It’s recommended that you adjust the settings based on your PC’s specifications.

You can refer to our article on “Best Recording Settings for OBS” to find the most efficient settings that work best for your PC.

Step 3 – Setting Up Hotkey and Start Clipping with OBS Replay Buffer

The last thing you need to do is set up your hotkeys for the Replay Buffer feature. The most important keybind needs to be set so you can save the replay. This should be set to a combination or a dedicated key you can press easily during gameplay.

To set up OBS Replay Buffer hotkey, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your OBS.
  2. Head to the “Hotkeys” menu.
  3. Type “Replay Buffer” in the search box.
  4. Set up the hotkey for these 3 functions:
    • Start Replay Buffer
    • Stop Replay Buffer
    • Save Replay Buffer

After you have finished setting up the hotkey, you can start streaming and clipping with OBS by following these steps:

  1. On the “Controls” section, click the “Start Replay Buffer” button (or use the hotkey you have set).
  2. Then, start streaming or recording based on your preference.
  3. To clip an exciting moment on your stream, simply press the hotkey for the “Save Replay Buffer” function.

OBS Replay Buffer Alternative – For Low-End PC

While OBS Replay Buffer is a great clipping tool for streamers, it can put a heavy load on your PC. If you have a low-end PC, there may be a better option.

One of the best OBS replay buffer alternatives is Eklipse.

It’s even better – Eklipse is actually an AI highlight generator. This means it can clip your best stream moments without using your PC’s CPU resources and can even do it automatically with its AI technology.

The setup process takes 1-2 minutes with only 3 steps.

  1. Visit Eklipse.gg and sign up with your Twitch account (or Email).
  2. Connect your Twitch/YouTube/Facebook Gaming account to Eklipse.
  3. Just stream as usual, Eklipse will automatically generate clips from your stream!

Once you’re done streaming, sign in to your Eklipse account, click the “Get Clip” button, and Eklipse will create dozens of 30-60 second clips from your live stream VOD.

The best part is that Eklipse has more features beyond its replay tool.

It also comes equipped with a “Convert to TikTok” tool, allowing streamers to easily transform their landscape videos into vertical format with templates, stickers, auto-captions, and more!


To summarize, OBS Replay Buffer is a great tool for streamers to clip exciting moments, but it can be heavy on low-end PCs.

Eklipse is an alternative that uses AI technology to clip moments without using PC resources, making it a hassle-free option. Regardless of which tool you choose, having a clipping tool is essential to create engaging content for viewers.

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