Top 10 Streaming Software for Facebook Live in 2024!

Facebook Live can be one of the great platforms to start your career as a live streamer. If you thinking of doing that, you might need streaming software for Facebook Live to help you.

With the help of streaming software, you can produce better quality videos, create an engaging live streaming session, and ultimately attract more viewers which will help to grow your channel.

This time we will list the 10 best streaming software if you want to go live on Facebook in 2024. Without further ado, let’s check out our list on this!

The Best Streaming Software For Facebook Live

Although this article may not represent all the good streaming software, at least we can give you insight into which software is perfect for your live-stream session based on the Eklipse version. Here we go!

1. OBS Studio: The Best Streaming Software For Facebook Live

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Source: Downloader System

As a live-streamer, you might be familiar with Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS). This software is claimed as the perfect tool for the professional or even the beginner. Despite the interface looking ‘intimidating’ but doesn’t mean it’s difficult to operate.

OBS is an ideal streaming software that offers a complete package for supporting your stuff. You can find advanced features in terms of editing video, it allows you to add more additional tools, and most importantly, it is free

So, if you are into an all-in-one solution to produce excellent videos, you can put OBS on your list. Enjoy!

2. StageTen

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Source: YouTube

StageTen is one of much live streaming software for Facebook. It has a specialty that attracts a lot of users. The features not only allow you to assist users in producing content, but also offers you a dynamic and real-time experience for its users.

You can make some kind of ‘scenes’ to achieve that only by dragging and dropping the content video, screen shares, lower thirds, and other graphics for a better live stream.

3. VMix

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Source: vmix

If you are looking for the most flexible streaming software of all, then VMix is the answer. You can not only record, or mix your video, but you can broadcast it too in many ways. Not limited to Facebook, it is perfectly fine if you are going to go live on another platform, such as YouTube, Twitch, or others.

VMix provides a professional dashboard that is capable to broadcast the video in 4k UHD. That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

Other than that, VMix completed with many creative animations, templates, transitions, and also slow-motion settings. You can explore your idea as free as you can.

4. Blue Jeans

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Source: Business Insider

Another popular live streaming software for live streaming on Facebook is Blue Jeans. You can have multi-party video meetings with their integrated tools.

In addition to that, the feature enables users to go live on Facebook for a large-scale audience at once.

If you got interested in using this software, you have to integrate your Facebook profile into the BlueJeans app. And voila! Now, you got the direct smooth live stream.

5. Wirecast

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Source: Telestream

The next video capturing software you can try is Wirecast. If you are a professional live streamer, this software may suite you. Wirecast has complete and advanced features that can help you create a professional video.

What’s more interesting is that it is able on controlling the real-time switching between two or more live streaming video cameras.

Despite it being less user-friendly for beginners, it still can make your life easier with other tools it is compatible with. Any device, camera, or capture card will not bring the issue at all.

6. Stream Yard

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Source: TechNoven

To make a creative and appealing live streaming video, you need to add some different touches to it. So, it is cool for you to use Stream Yard for doing a live stream on Facebook.

With its features, you can customize your broadcast by adding some graphics to create the relevant scene to your stream video.

That’s not the only thing that makes this software catchy. This software allows you to pull the Facebook comments and tags from the dashboard to the software deck. So your audience will be easy to see it. Additionally, you don’t need extra effort to do that.

7. Zoom: Easiest Streaming Software For FB Live

Who does not familiar with this one? The most popular software that accommodates you to hold any webinars, meetings, events, etc. Everyone can use this software easily, right?

But aside from meeting purposes, Zoom can be the best software to help you to go live on Facebook.

To start live stream using Zoom, you just need to create a meeting room on Zoom, then go live stream on your Facebook. It features an unlimited number of audiences too. Nevertheless, this software doesn’t support you to do editing stuff.

8. LiveReacting

Design with strong algorithms that can amplify the engagements on a live stream, LiveReacting is ideal to develop interactive video streams.

This software features many tools that can utilize and navigate resources in producing good videos easily.

You have 20 template options with separate interaction mechanics to make the broadcast you desire. Fantastic!

9. Another Streaming Software For Facebook Live: BeLive

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Source: AppSumo

A bit different from the previous software, BeLive tends to be a web-based live streaming platform that allows you to interact with audiences, promote the brands, and grow the community.

As it focuses on marketing, BeLive features a live shopping tool where you can showcase your product on the screen.

It keeps upgrading its system, BeLive also provides a video editor to accommodate your editing needs. It is just a perfect thing for any entrepreneur or content creator who is into a good live stream video.

10. OneStream

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Source: AppSumo

Try to find cloud-based software? You can try OneStream then. With its real-time live streaming, you can engage with audiences on more than 40 platforms, including Facebook.

This is perfect for creating powerful and appealing videos. It can increase not only viewers but also market purposes. OneStream is just worth trying.

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You can choose whichever streaming software for Facebook Live suits you best from the list. After all, the best software is the one that can match your needs and preferences, right? But at least, you have got more options to grow your channel.

We also have the best picks if you are a gaming streamer looking for the best software. Check our recommendations here: 9 Best Streaming Software for Facebook Gaming.

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