Twitch Studio vs OBS: Choosing the Perfect Streaming Software


Streaming has become a popular trend, and with the release of Twitch Studio, many streamers are contemplating whether to bid farewell to their old streaming software.

In this article, we’ll delve into the comparison between Twitch Studio and OBS, the widely acclaimed broadcasting software. By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of whether Twitch Studio surpasses OBS in terms of features and functionality.

So, let’s kick off the Twitch Studio vs OBS comparison!

Twitch Studio vs OBS: Comparison Table

Twitch StudioOBS
PriceFree DownloadFree Open-Source Software
Installation and SetupConvenient one-click download, automatic account recognitionSimple installation, manual Twitch integration
FeaturesBuilt-in widgets for alerts, customizable overlays and elements, media libraryVersatile features, constant updates, recording options, customizable widgets

Determining which software, OBS or Twitch Studio, is superior is somewhat challenging given that Twitch Studio is still in its beta phase. With ongoing development and user feedback, shortcomings and issues are likely to be addressed, resulting in an impressive final product.

For now, it’s recommended to stick with OBS. As a consistently upgraded software with extensive compatibility, OBS remains an excellent choice for Twitch streaming.

Its versatility across operating systems and streaming platforms, along with its intuitive design and robust features, make it a reliable option for streamers.

As Twitch Studio evolves and matures, it may present a viable alternative in the future. However, until it reaches its full potential, OBS is the preferred option for streamers seeking a well-established and feature-rich broadcasting software.

Twitch Studio: Price, Installation, and Features

Designed for Twitch streamingLack of unique features compared to OBS and similar software
Twitch Studio is tailored specifically for Twitch streaming, eliminating the need for third-party applications.The software may not offer innovative features beyond basic functionality like desktop capture and color correction.
Built-in widgetsSubpar design with limited preloaded layouts
Streamers can easily add and customize alerts using built-in widgets.Preloaded layouts lack creativity, and custom layouts may be necessary for a visually appealing stream.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that Twitch Studio is still in its beta phase, having been introduced during TwitchCon in 2019.

The software is continually evolving based on user feedback, aiming to provide an optimal Twitch streaming experience.

a. Price – Free Download

Currently, Twitch Studio is available for free, and you can easily download it from the official Twitch website.

While it hasn’t been officially announced whether Twitch Studio will remain free in the future, it’s likely to follow the trend of other broadcasting software and continue to be accessible without charge.

b. Installation and Setup

Twitch Studio has a one-click download for Windows and Mac. Log in to your Twitch profile before launching the program. Twitch Studio will recognize your account automatically, no manual logins needed.

Once launched, click “Get Started” to set up. The software will detect and connect your microphone and webcam if used. Choose from simple layouts for the main scene, BRB, and intermission scenes.

Finally, adjust settings like resolution and FPS. Twitch Studio provides recommended settings, but you can customize as desired.

c. Features

When you launch Twitch Studio, you’ll see a default screen. Scenes and sources are on the left, while widgets, filters, chroma key options, and other features are on the right.

Twitch Studio has built-in widgets, eliminating the need for third-party apps. You can add alerts and customize elements with various alert types for borders, sounds, and text.

The Media Library in Twitch Studio offers a range of images, although no sound options. If the available images don’t meet your needs, you can upload your own.

OBS: Price, Installation, and Features

Supported across all operating systems and streaming servicesDependency on plugins for advanced features
OBS offers versatility, catering to gamers who frequently upgrade equipment and switch operating systems.Additional programs required to integrate overlays and notifications.
Small file sizeConfiguration for Twitch streaming can be time-consuming.
OBS automatically compresses files, reducing storage space requirements.
Intuitive design
User-friendly layout simplifies program navigation.
Beginners appreciate the intuitive interface.

OBS, an open-source broadcasting software compatible with various platforms, isn’t limited to Twitch alone. However, we’ll primarily focus on setting up OBS Studio specifically for Twitch streaming.

a. Price – Free Open-Source Software

As open-source software, OBS comes at no cost to you. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to modify the code and enhance it collaboratively with other users. Additionally, most OBS plugins are free, ensuring no hidden expenses.

b. Installation and Setup

For Twitch streaming with OBS Studio, visit to download and install it.

Use the auto-configuration wizard to select streaming settings that align with your computer. Link OBS Studio with Twitch using the stream key in Settings.

In the Settings menu, find tabs like General, Output, Stream, Video, and more.

Configure Stream settings by selecting Twitch as the service and adding the server. Explore other tabs to optimize bandwidth, bitrate, FPS, encoder, and connect external devices.

c. Features

OBS is versatile across operating systems, ensuring access to all features. Being open-source, it receives frequent updates from many developers.

For recording, OBS offers diverse options. While game recording may not work universally, OBS solves this by adding Desktop and Window capture.

You can record the entire screen or specific tabs. Customizable hotkeys, transitions, overlays, and widgets enhance streams and make content unique.

Twitch Studio vs OBS: Conclusion

So, Twitch Studio vs OBS? Which one should you choose?

Twitch Studio provides a user-friendly interface and built-in widgets for Twitch streaming. OBS, an open-source software, offers extensive customization and platform versatility.

Twitch Studio is free with a simple installation, while OBS requires more setup time and relies on plugins for advanced features.

At the end, your consideration should depend on your preferences and needs when deciding between the two.

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