Eklipse News: New Tiktok Template & Bug fixes


One of the best things about Eklipse is its community. Your feedback and support encourage us to improve everyday. We want to make sure that the content you produce as a streamer is latest and trendy.

Growing on Tiktok also demands keeping up with the viral trends. So in today’s Eklipse update we have the new tiktok template that we launched this morning. Here are some details about this new template:

New tiktok template: Game UI

Users can now access a brand new free template alongside the many available templates. It is the “Game UI” template.

About Game UI

This template allows you to access an additional game UI area which you can crop and adjust as a layer. You can use this area for to setup a game UI area like weapon loadout, scoreboard, health bar, or mini-map based on your style for restructuring.

New Tiktok Template Game UI from Eklipse
Source: Eklipse.gg


In order to access the new template following are the steps that you have to take:

  • Log in to your Eklipse account and Go to Video Library
  • Then go to Highlight clips (if you already have some clips there)
  • Select the clip you want the Click Convert to tiktok
  • This will redirect you to the template selection page
New Template game UI
Source: Eklipse.gg
  • As shown in the image, select Game UI
  • Press Continue Editing (go through all the available steps in the template layout )
  • Select your Facecam > Select your Gamefeed area > Select your 2nd Gamefeed area
  • In the Preview Tab, add music and the title of your video
  • Once you are happy with how the video looks, press Confirm to covert your clip

We have a lot more templates available for you to make amazing tiktok videos for your channel. These also include our latest Halloween templates which are equally spooky and unique. Here’s a list of all free templates that are available right now:

  • Small Facecam
  • Circle Facecam
  • Blurred
  • Split
  • Full Screen
  • Game UI
  • Three Halloween Themed templates: Creepy night, spooky pumpkin and ghost

We have also issued some fixes for the minor bugs and errors. Do check them out in the recent update.


We hope this new tiktok template will give you more creative freedom and can aid you in editing the best videos for your tiktok channel. Use the template and tag Eklipse to share your creativity with us.

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