10 Best TikTok Gaming Videos In 2022

TikTok gaming videos are going to get its popularity lately. Nowadays, you will not only find beauty influencers, TikTok celebrities, comedians, or even artists on TikTok. But gamers also start to enter the TikTok world.

It means that Twitch and YouTube are no longer become the only platform to do game streaming. You can also enjoy and create gaming content through TikTok.

It seems like e-Sport also starting to gain fame. And that’s actually a good sign though. To accommodate the gaming content lovers, we will give you a list of the top 10 TikTok gaming videos that you can enjoy. Just check it out now.

Know The Best TikTok Gaming Videos

Despite including 10 gaming influencers on the list, this list does not represent the entire community of gaming influencers worldwide. Nevertheless, these 10 influencers and their content can give you some insight into how a good and unique account can be classified.

1. The Best of TikTok Gaming Videos Account: @gamingdaily

Source: TikTok

The first TikTok account that claimed as the best gaming influencer is @gamingdaily. This is an unknown account located in the United Kingdom according to his/her bio. But does not mean it is a fake account.

He/she has 202.1K followers that represent their fans of course. Some of the reasons why there are so many people that follow, watch their video, and even give them a like may be because he/she consistently uploads many interesting gaming videos.

Everybody just enjoys and loves his/her video post. It’s proven with 3.9M cumulative likes for their total videos. That is very incredible.

2. @evuhlunnn


Moving on to another gaming influencer who has more followers than the previous account. If you are into a comedy thing and love Minecraft games, this account will provide you with funny content related to Minecraft.

She really put her sense of humor on almost every video. She always puts on her diamond armor costume while acting.

Most of her videos are showing her who creates scenarios or POVs around the game. Her 24M of likes proves that she successfully attracts viewers through her videos.

3. Casey Rosenberg

Source: TikTok

Casey Rosenberg is one of the best gaming influencers on TikTok you need to know. As a normal gaming content creator, he is focusing on gaming content. He mostly plays and talks about the Roblox game. His followers can get a lot of information, tips, and tricks to play Roblox smartly.

Aside from that, he also loves to make other different content topics such as food, YouTubers, even random pieces of stuff. So his content is quite various and of course, that’s what makes him unique and interesting.

4. KMZWIsolation

Source: TikTok

Craving for more funny gaming content in TikTok? You can visit the KMZWIsolation account and watch their videos.

It is kind of super creative that they created unordinary gaming content. If you usually see gaming influencers always posting about them playing a game, you will not find such a thing on this account.

KMZWIsolation will recreate the gaming scenario in real life. You can imagine how GTA V has been recreated in real life. So, you will see from their POVs in most of their videos.

5. One Of The Best TikTok Gaming Videos: Cozy.games

Source: TikTok

You can’t go wrong with @cozy.games for your TikTok video gaming account if you love cute and cool stuff. It’s a lot different from any other gaming content creator, Kennedy shows the unique yet interesting thing that is still related to gaming thing.

She likes to update her viewers about her gaming setup place. We have to admit that her gaming place is very cool, and looks cozy as well. Besides, she also loves to make an unboxing video about more cool stuff, like a keyboard, desk chair, game gift box, or any accessories.

6. superlouis_64

Source: TikTok

Talking about the game, one of the most important parts of gaming is modding. Most of his videos record about him using his mod hardware to play certain games.

What makes his content interesting is he really put on big effort just to play a game. For example, if he plays a game that requires you to kill a ghost with a sword, Louis will literally use an actual sword to slash the ghost on the game. That’s cool, ain’t it?

7. Itsalyssalol

Source: TikTok

Despite that, she has not reached the number of followers as many as other accounts mentioned, but this account deserves appreciation though.

She provides POV and meme videos relating to Dead by Daylight, Call of Duty, and other popular games. It is indeed a very simple kind of video content. But that’s what makes her cool.

Funny, intense, and straightforward video. That’s why her followers love her videos, and it is increasing over time.

8. Gaming

Source: TikTok

When we are talking about gaming accounts, it does not feel right if we do not involve the official account in TikTok that focuses on gaming.

As the name of the account, Gaming provides you with any information and everything about games. POV, how-to-play tips and tricks, memes, or just general information, or reviews about the popular and mainstream game.

If you want to keep updated, just follow and watch their videos.

9. Xit_Strategy

Source: TikTok

Do you want to find other gaming videos that contain humor? Xit_strategy is the answer. Robert does not show to his viewers about his game-streaming.

It’s similar to @evuhlunnn, he created POV and meme videos for the content. His signature costume of him is the ancient Rome uniform or a DIY Venom costume.

He portrayed POV of a certain game or just random stuff to take it as a joke. Interesting!

10. DKOIdies, one of the best TikTok Gaming Videos

Source: TikTok

To finish the list, we will recommend you DKOIdies as one of the best TikTok gaming videos accounts. This account is definitely the right choice if you want to get credible information and education about gaming things.

It provides you with educational videos, such as how to play a certain game, the features, and anything you want to know about the game


That list of the best Tiktok gaming videos account does not limit you to following and enjoying another interesting account. If you have your favorite gaming video account, you can share through the comment below, and let your friend enjoy it too.

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