How to Edit Viral TikTok Videos: 20+ Tips for Success!

How to edit TikTok videos is not just about cutting and pasting clips together. It’s about telling a captivating story, adding your unique personality, and using the right tools and techniques to make your videos stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll share 20 tips on how to edit TikTok videos like a pro, from filming and editing your footage, to writing catchy captions, to adding music and sound effects, and more.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create engaging and entertaining TikTok videos that resonate with your audience and potentially go viral. Whether you’re a casual user, a content creator, or a business owner, you probably want to know how to edit viral TikTok videos that can attract millions of views, likes, comments, and followers. So, let’s get started and unleash your creativity! 

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Filming & Editing Your TikTok Videos

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TikTok is primarily a visual platform, so your videos take center stage. Here are some tips for shooting and editing your TikTok videos:

1. Set a timer to record hands-free

Use the timer feature to film yourself without needing someone to hold the phone. You can also set the timer to automatically stop recording after a certain time.

2. Record clips and adjust them

Film your video in clips to have more flexibility in editing. You can move clips around, trim their duration, add effects, captions, and more.

3. Adjust the recording speed

Play around with the speed of your video using the Speed feature. You can slow it down or speed it up for different effects.

4. Use filters to enhance your video

TikTok has various filters to improve the aesthetic appeal of your videos. Experiment with color filters, beautify tools, and enhance settings.

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5. Get creative with video effects

TikTok offers a library of interactive and AR visual effects. Try out different effects to make your videos stand out and follow current trends.

6. Add stickers to your video

Use stickers to interact with your audience or make your videos more eye-catching. You can add various stickers from the search bar.

7. Create transitions between clips

Add transitions to make your videos look more cinematic. Choose from different transition effects to smoothen the flow between clips.

8. Upload clips from your camera roll

You can upload high-quality videos from your camera roll to TikTok. This allows you to edit your videos using professional software before uploading them.

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Writing TikTok Captions

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Captions add context and amplify your message in TikTok videos. Here are some best practices for writing captions:

9. Manually add text to your video

Use on-screen text overlays to make your videos more accessible and engaging.

10. Customize your text captions

Make your text stand out or match your video’s theme by changing the color, font, alignment, and background style.

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11. Use auto-captions for spoken audio

Turn on auto-captions to make your videos more accessible to viewers without sound or with hearing difficulties. You can edit the captions manually.

12. Adjust the duration of your text

Make text appear and disappear at specific times to add multiple lines or build a story in your video.

13. Create concise and informative captions

Keep your captions short and informative to grab viewers’ attention in the first few seconds.

14. Drive action with on-screen CTAs and text

Use captions strategically to drive action and increase engagement. Adding CTAs and summaries on screen can boost impressions.

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Adding Audio & Sound Effects

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The right music and sound effects can enhance your TikTok videos. Here’s how to add audio:

15. Use trending music and sounds

Jump on the bandwagon and use trending sounds to make your videos more engaging and favorited by the algorithm.

16. Match your videos to the beat

Sync your clips with the audio to create engaging videos. Use TikTok’s Sound Sync feature for easy synchronization.

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17. Create Original Audio with viral potential

Consider creating your own catchy beats or voiceovers. Start a challenge to encourage others to use your Original Audio.

18, Record a voiceover

Use the Voiceover feature to narrate your videos and add an extra layer of storytelling.

19. Play around with voice effects

Add voice effects to make your voiceover or original sound more engaging. Experiment with different effects like Chipmunk or Megaphone.

20. Enable text-to-speech

Use the built-in text-to-speech feature to have TikTok narrate your text captions. This helps make your videos more accessible or when you don’t have time for a voiceover.

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How to edit TikTok videos to get more views and engagement

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Knowing tips to make viral TikTok videos is great. But you still need to know the basic steps of how to edit TikTok videos. Basically, you can edit TikTok within the app itself or using a third-party video editing apps.

Editing TikTok videos in TikTok is easy and fun. You can use the native editing tools in the app to add text, stickers, effects, filters, and music to your videos. You can also trim, split, and adjust the speed of your clips. Here are the basic steps to edit TikTok videos in TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Record a video with TikTok or upload an existing video from your camera roll.
  • Tap on the checkmark icon to go to the editing screen.
  • Use the icons on the right side of the screen to add text, stickers, effects, and filters to your video.
  • Use the icons on the bottom of the screen to trim, split, adjust the speed, and add music to your video.
  • Tap on the Next button to go to the posting screen.
  • Write a catchy caption, add hashtags, and choose who can view your video.
  • Tap on the Post button to share your video with the world.

You can also use third-party apps like Capcut to edit your videos and then upload them to TikTok. Some of these apps offer more advanced editing features, such as transitions, overlays, and animations. However, they may also require you to pay for premium tools or remove watermarks.

One of the best TikTok video editors you can try is Eklipse. What is it? Here’s the full guide:

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Create TikTok Videos Automatically Using Eklipse

If you want to create TikTok videos without spending hours on editing, you should try Eklipse, an advanced AI tool that automatically generates highlights from your Kick, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streams and videos.

It captures a wide range of content, from exciting gaming moments to hilarious in-game experiences, which can be easily transformed into TikTok / Reels / YouTube shorts.

With Eklipse, you can create TikTok videos in minutes by following these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a free Eklipse account and connect your streaming platform account.
  • Choose one of your clips to convert it to TikTok, upload your own clip from local storage, or copy your Twitch clip link.
  • Customize your clip with a drag-and-drop video editor and templates. Add sticker, auto-caption, and copyright-free music.
  • Download your clip or share it directly to TikTok from Eklipse.

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To stand out on TikTok, you need to up your editing game. Apply these creative editing tips to your video marketing strategy on TikTok to grab attention, increase engagement, and grow your audience.

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