Eklipse vs Crossclip: TikTok Converter Comparison Review

TikTok has been one of the most social media video platforms for some time.

Knowing that fact, we think it’s pretty natural that every content creator heading to TikTok, and game streamers are no exception.

For game streamers, whether you broadcasting to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, we know that creating TikTok content can be a pain.

That’s why we are here to give you a comparison review between two great tools to help gaming content creators to create vertical video formats easily!

What is a “TikTok Converter” and Why do You Need It

TikTok converter has been a term for a tool that can edit a landscape format video (usually a 16:9 ratio) to a vertical form.

But, the usage scenario is actually not restricted to TikTok. The reason it’s called a “TikTok converter” since the vertical format is popularized by that platform.

The big difference between this tool to the classic video editor (like Adobe Premiere) is its simplicity.

Most TikTok converter tools offer you a drag-and-drop editing capability and integration to the streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

That’s why game streamers love this tool so much since you can easily copy and paste your highlight clips, then edit them into the vertical in seconds.

The Battle of TikTok Converter Tool, Eklipse vs Crossclip

So far, two of the prominent TikTok converter tool in the market is Eklipse and Crossclip.

Eklipse is more like an all-in-one tool for game streamers. They got their TikTok converter feature a bit later than the competitors.

Their main feature is actually an AI gaming highlight that can automatically cut 4 hours of stream video into many pieces of 30 to 60-sec highlight clips.

Learn More About the Feature

Meanwhile, Crossclip got a more specific use case scenario to only edit short-duration highlight clips into the vertical format.

Crossclip allows you to edit Twitch clips or YouTube clips from URLs, and you can upload a local file as well.

Since there’s a feature gap, so we’ll only review the TikTok converter capability between these tools.

Let’s start the comparison review!

1. The User Experience: Tie

Let’s start with the overall user experience of Eklipse and Crossclip.

We’ll talk about which tools give you the most seamless journey from the start (clip converting process) to the end (exporting the video).

TL;DR, both have their own plus-minus, so this is more like a tie score for both

1.1 The Landing Page Experience

At the beginning of the process, Eklipse and Crossclip show a seamless experience since they both provide you with the tools from the landing page section.

When you go to either Eklipse.gg or Crossclip.com, you’ll be greeted by their headlines and text fields.

As the headlines say, you can literally just copy and paste your clip URL to the box, or upload your local file.

But after that, here’s where both separate their ways.

In Crossclip, you’ll be prompted to create an account before you go to the video editor. And their account creation process feels… a little bit complicated.

If you already have Streamlabs account, everything will go seamlessly.

But if you don’t have one, you’ll need to create the Streamlabs account first, then login to Streamlabs account, then login to Crossclip.

Meanwhile in Eklipse, when you’re done copy-pasting your clip URL, you’ll be redirected straight to the editing process.

Since you don’t need any account to experience the tools, we think that Eklipse got this part.

1.2 Clip Editing Process

In the clip editing process, honestly, I’ll put my two-cent on Crossclip.

The reason for that is because we think that Crossclip web app somehow have a lighter drag-and-drop process; while Eklipse feels laggy and inconsistent sometimes.

Other than that, Crossclip also has fewer steps when editing the clip.

After you upload the clip, you’ll be shown the input, output, and video editing tools on one screen, click compile, and done

On the other side, Eklipse serves this in 3 steps.

First step, select the facecam. Second step, select the game feed area. Third step, is the video editing tools.

So if you are selecting the wrong area, especially the facecam area, you’ll need to go back to the process to step 1.

You might feel that Eklipse is a bit lacking in this, but actually, there is a reason; the Feature.

Eklipse has more feature available on the video editing, that’s why they need to break down the process into several steps.

We’ll talk about the feature comparison a bit later part of this article, now let’s talk about the exporting process.

1.3 Exporting Process

On the exporting process, Eklipse may be a bit lacking because you’ll need to be more patient waiting for the clip to be ready.

But, well … we think that’s fair enough, since you don’t need to fill any form or create an account when converting a video to vertical format.

When the process is done, the only option you’ve got is to download the clip.

You can share the clip to TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook but you’ll need to create an account first on Eklipse.

Crossclip has the fastest process overall, and just like Eklipse, you’ll have option to share your clip to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or simply copy the clip URL.

Since both don’t have any real big difference, we feel that the score is a tie on this

Now let’s head up to the video editing feature of these apps.

2. Video Editing Feature: Eklipse Win

We think it’s safe to say that Eklipse totally wins this part

Why? It’s because Eklipse offers you feature-rich video editing capability, while Crossclip video editing feature is too simple with little-to-no customization whatsoever.

Now let’s break down why Eklipse totally wins this part.

Like we said in the user experience part, yes we agreed that Eklipse has more steps than Crossclip.

That maybe can make some people feel overwhelmed by the process.

But when you reach the editing process, you’ll find what Eklipse is capable of.

You can add your channel name sticker, add the auto caption, add a template theme to your clip that can attract your viewer’s attention, and you can even add copyright-free music in Eklipse.

Every feature we said above is also available for FREE, and you can even use it WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT.

To think over again, Eklipse might be a bit too generous on this, but yeah… that is that.

Meanwhile, Crossclip offers only basic video editing in their tools like adding layers, and yeah … that’s it :/.

crossclip editing
This screen is all the feature that Crossclip had and pretty much that’s it.

Also, that feature is locked behind the paywall that cost you $4.99 per month on Crossclip.

So if you are a free user, the only thing you can do in Crossclip only chooses the export format (it can be portrait, square, or landscape), customize the content/camera area, and … that’s it.

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3. Pricing: Eklipse Win

We think you might already be aware that Eklipse definitely, totally, win this part.

And we don’t need to tell more reasons about this, since you already see how big the feature gaps between these tools in our review above

As we already mentioned above, Crossclip gated their advanced feature with a cost of $4,99 per month.

Also, if you are using the Crossclip “free plan” you’ll get a watermarked video plus an outro telling that the clip created by Crossclip.

Crossclip Premium
You want to get rid of watermark and add layer capability on Crossclip? It’s $4,99 per month

Meanwhile, Eklipse provides you with so many customizations that cost you no money; And even you don’t need to create an account to convert a highlight clip into TikTok format.

Learn More About the Feature

Plus, with the Eklipse free plan, your clip is clean from any watermark whatsoever.

Eklipse has a premium feature tho, and it is a bit pricier at $11,99 per month.

But, most premium features benefited you in the AI gaming highlight capability of the tool.


User Experience
Eklipse ✅

– Easy and intuitive drag-and-drop editor,
– Don’t need to create an account
User Experience
Crossclip ✅

-Shorter step, with a smoother experience
-Need to create an account first
Eklipse ✅

– No-watermark whatsoever
– Dozes of free template
– Auto caption and more
Crossclip ❌

– Only has the basic video editing feature.
– Free experience lacking of feature

– All the features above are FREE.
– Can even edit a clip without creating an account.

– Free version got a watermark
– Will need $4,99 per month to add layers

So, to conclude it all, we think that Eklipse wins this comparison review by a score of 2 vs 1.

To sum it up, you can check out the comparison table above.

Though Crossclip gives you a seamless user experience, they definitely cannot compete by any means with the Eklipse feature-rich convert to TikTok capability.

Plus, Eklipse being very generous software that allows you to have all those features for free and without creating an account is the biggest win of the app to Crossclip.

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