Eklipse vs Spikes.gg: Which AI Clip Generator is Better?

Eklipse vs Spikes.gg are two of the most popular AI clip generators for streamers and content creators. They both claim to transform long videos into viral clips with just one click, using generative AI and templates. They also offer features like auto-captions, b-roll, stickers, emojis, and more to enhance your clips and make them stand out.

But which one is better for your needs? How do they compare in quality, speed, ease of use, and pricing? Let’s dive into the complete review of Eklipse versus Spikes.gg to help you decide the best AI clip generator.

Eklipse vs Spikes Twitch: The Overview

Before we delve deeper into comparing Eklipse and Spikes, it’s helpful to understand the basic details of each application.

About Eklipse

Eklipse "Convert to TikTok" Feature
Eklipse “Convert to TikTok” Dashboard

Eklipse is a free app that lets you convert Twitch clips to TikTok, Reels, and Shorts with AI and templates. You can edit, caption, and share your videos with channel stickers, AI captions, and custom text. Eklipse supports all types of streams, including gaming, chatting, podcasts, sports, and more.

Eklipse uses cloud-based servers to process your VODs and find the best moments for you. You can review every game session on the website, choose your favorite clips, save them into custom playlists, and pin them to be featured in a weekly showcase. You can also upgrade to premium to access advanced features and save more time.


  • Available for free without any limitations on the number of clips or the duration of the videos.
  • Easy to use with just a few clicks, without having to edit your clips yourself.
  • Supports all types of streams, including gaming, just chatting, podcasts, sports, and more.


  • Eklipse does not have some features that Spikes.gg has, such as B-roll videos and images, audio and SFX, GIFs and animations, and intro and outro.

User Review:

Product Hunt rated Eklipse.GG 4.71 out of 5 based on 28 reviews from actual users. One user, @Stephanie Torres, commented, “This site has made my life as a gaming content creator/streamer so much easier. Auto-processing streams, great clips, making montages, scheduling uploads, and more. If you haven’t tried this site, idk what you are waiting for because it is a game changer.”

About Spikes.gg

Spikes.gg is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos exactly to your needs. You can upload any video file or paste a URL from YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, and Spikes.gg will generate clips for you.

You can also use the online video editor to add features like auto-captions, B-roll videos and images, audio and SFX, GIFs and animations, intro and outro, and more. Spikes.gg also allows you to schedule your posts on different social media platforms.


  • Spikes.gg has some features that Eklipse does not have, such as B-roll videos and images, audio and SFX, GIFs and animations, and intro and outro.
  • More customization and no watermark
  • Supports any video source such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or your files.


  • Maximum 30 minutes of video processing without a premium subscription.
  • No free templates
  • High pricing for the pro plan

User Review:

Product Hunt has rated Pikes Studio 4.9 out of 5 based on 57 reviews. User @Alexander Leibzon commented, “An awesome easy tool I use for creating short-and-to-the-point viral video memes. Very intuitive UI.”

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Eklipse versus Spikes.gg: The Key Differences

Source: Eklipse.gg – Eklipse versus Spikes

Eklipse and Spikes Studio have different features to suit different users, potentially making one more suitable.

However, their unique features set them apart. Below, we explore several factors that can distinguish Eklipse and Spikes:

CompatibilityConverts Twitch clips to TikTok, Reels, and ShortsRepurposes long videos exactly to your needs
PriceFree, with optional premium plansFree with limited features, pro plan available
User InterfaceEasy to use with templates and AIOnline video editor for customization
FeaturesAI-generated highlights, auto-captions, channel stickersB-roll, audio, GIFs, scheduling
PerformanceCloud-based servers for VOD processingRepurposes videos from any source
PopularityPopular among streamers for its simplicityKnown for its advanced editing capabilities


Both Eklipse and Spikes.gg offer similar features, such as AI-generated highlights, an online video editor, auto-captions, and a social media scheduler. However, Eklipse has some unique features that Spikes.gg does not have, such as:

  • Add your own logo or channel name to your clips
  • Automatic AI captions with natural language processing to match the tone and context of your stream
  • Add your text
  • Showcase your best clips to the Eklipse community and get more exposure and feedback

On the other hand, Spikes.gg has some features that Eklipse does not have which make it one of the best clipping software for low-end PCs, such as:

  • Add relevant videos and images
  • Add background music and sound effects
  • Add animated elements to make your clips more dynamic
  • Add a professional-looking intro and outro


Source: Eklipse.gg – Eklipse price

Eklipse is free to use, but you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan to access advanced features and save more time. There are some plans you can subscribe to:

  • Monthly: $15.99/month or $19.99/month.
  • Annual: $99.99/year or $149.99/year.

You can also get Spikes.gg for free, but the feature is way more limited than Eklipse. So you need to subscribe to their pro plan to get the most out of it. Here are the prices:

  • Pro+: $10/month.
  • Enterprise: $120/month.


In terms of compatibility, Eklipse can be used on Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as on a website (PC) browser. Meanwhile, Spikes Studio is only available as a website version. 

In this case, Eklipse can be considered superior and more convenient for editing videos regularly because users don’t need to repeatedly open the website. Just install the app and edit videos anytime, anywhere.

User Interface

Both apps boast a clean design, but Eklipse stands out with its engaging interface, colorful design, and direct tutorials for beginners. Eklipse also excels by offering a feature to search for Twitch streamers for auto video clipping.

Looking at the website interface of Eklipse and Spikes, they both offer clip and edit features with the drop-and-convert box or ‘upload file from computer’ button.


Both editing apps offer similar performance. Whether you choose Eklipse or Spikes, you can expect quick, seamless, and efficient editing. You shouldn’t encounter any significant performance issues with these apps overall.

It is important to note that Eklipse’s AI technology is leveraged to create clips and shorts suitable for export to various social media platforms such as TikTok, Shorts, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). Meanwhile some users of Spikes Studio have encountered difficulties with reframing for social media platforms like TikTok.


Quoting from the user review site Product Hunt, both Eklipse and Spikes Studio have ratings close to 5 stars with dozens of user reviews, indicating their popularity among streamers.

Eklipse users are more segmented and specialized, given its branding from the beginning to assist game streamers on platforms like Twitch and Kick. Meanwhile, Spikes Studio covers a more general market.

However, many users highly recommend signing up for Eklipse.gg, especially for content creators, as it significantly streamlines the editing process for free with premium-like features. Spikes Studio also receives positive feedback with some suggestions for improvement from users.

Eklipse versus Spikes: Which is Better for Video Editing?

Eklipse and Spikes.gg are both AI clip generators that can help you create and share engaging video clips on social media platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. However, they have different features, user experiences, pros, cons, and pricing, and you should choose the one that suits your needs and preferences better.

Based on our comparison, we think that Eklipse is the better option for most streamers, because it is free, easy, and supports all types of streams.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we’ve explained Eklipse vs Spikes in detail. By now, you should have a good idea of which one is better for your needs.

If you need a good AI clipping tool for free, we recommend that you try Eklipse for yourself and see how it can help you create and share amazing video clips from your streams. You can sign up for free and start using Eklipse today. You can also upgrade to premium if you want to access more features and save more time.

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