Modern Warfare 3 Movement: A Game-Changer for Call of Duty Fans


Modern Warfare 3, set to release on November 10, 2023, is causing a stir in the Call of Duty community, and it’s all thanks to the revolutionary changes in multiplayer movement. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, MW3 aims to give players exactly what they’ve been craving, and recent gameplay footage has fans ecstatic about the upcoming title.

Upgraded Movement Mechanics

One standout feature in the new gameplay footage is the remarkably improved movement system. Previous titles, like Modern Warfare 2, felt slower due to the absence of essential mechanics like slide canceling and less fluid mantling. Modern Warfare 3 is taking the series to the next level with its lightning-fast movement.

The short clip showcases players seamlessly and rapidly mantling obstacles, particularly on a reimagined Highrise map. This enhanced mantling system promises to provide players with a smoother and more dynamic experience.

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Enthusiastic Fan Feedback

The Call of Duty community’s response to these changes in movement has been overwhelmingly positive. Influential content creator FaZe Jev couldn’t contain his excitement, exclaiming, “it gets better.” Others in the community shared their delight, with comments like, “this alone looks better than the last 365 days of COD.”

One enthusiastic user summed it up by stating, “this actually looks slick, much more fluid, more exciting and combined with the OG map is just a huge W.” Clearly, fans are thrilled with the increased fluidity in movement, as it allows for more engaging gameplay and exploration, a significant departure from the previous Modern Warfare title.

With the official Call of Duty Next event scheduled for October 5, fans can anticipate even more insights into what Modern Warfare 3 has in store. Stay tuned for additional updates on this highly anticipated release.

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In conclusion, Modern Warfare 3’s movement enhancements are poised to redefine the Call of Duty experience. With faster and more dynamic multiplayer movement, Sledgehammer Games is delivering exactly what the community desires. As we approach the game’s launch date, be sure to stay tuned for further developments and gameplay revelations surrounding this game-changing addition to the franchise.

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