How to Stream on A Comprehensive Guide 2023

Are you ready to kick-start your streaming journey on Whether you’re an aspiring streamer or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your streaming experience, this comprehensive Kick stream tutorial will walk you through the process of going live on

From setting up your stream key and server URL to optimizing your output settings and going live, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions and valuable tips for a smooth and successful streaming experience.

What you Need to Stream on

Before getting on to the How-to, you need to make sure you have these apps to support your Kick livestreaming:

  • OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).
  • XSplit
  • Streamlabs Desktop

Getting Started with Kick Stream Tutorial

If you’re new to the world of live streaming, getting started on may seem daunting at first. However, with the right guidance, you can navigate through the setup process seamlessly.

To begin your Kick streaming journey, follow our guide on how to go live using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), one of the major live streaming applications supported by

Step 1 – Stream Key + Server URL

Please ensure you are logged into your account you wish to stream from and visit your creator dashboard.

– Log into your account
– Visit your creator dashboard
– Click the “Settings” menu item
– Click “Stream Key”

Step 2 – Adding Your Kick Stream Key to OBS

best streaming software for kick

This is how to add your stream key and stream URL to OBS.

– Open OBS
– Click “File”
– Click “Settings”
– Click “Stream”
– Change the service to “Custom…”
– Paste the “Server” URL from your Kick Settings Page
– Paste the “Stream Key” from your Kick Settings Page
– Press Apply

Step 3 – Output Settings

how to stream on kick with streamlabs

Your setup is unique, so ensure that your maximum upload speed for your internet connection aligns with your bitrate settings. You can change these settings by clicking on the Output option from the OBS Settings page.

For x264 Encoding Options:

  • Encoder: x264
  • Rescale Output: 1920 x 1080
  • Rate Control: CBR
  • Bitrate : 1,000kbps to 8,000kbps
  • Keyframe Interval: 1s
  • CPU Usage Preset: veryfast
  • Profile: main
  • Tune: zero latency

And more options for NVIDIA NVENC H.264 Encoder and AMD HW H.264 Encoder.

Step 4 – Setting Your Title and Category

Now it’s time to save all your streaming settings and head over to your Kick Creator Dashboard to set your Stream Title and Category.

Step 5 – Going Live

Press the “Start Streaming” button from OBS software to start live streaming.

Step 6 – Ending Your Stream

Click the “Stop Streaming” button in OBS software. Kick will then show your viewers an offline banner and your replay will be saved to your channel page.

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Make Your Kick Highlights in Eklipse!

Don’t stop after you stream. Create cool highlights from your best games to share on social media. You can reach a wider audience that way.

You don’t need editing skills to create cool highlights. You can use an AI platform like Eklipse that can automatically generate highlights from your game streams.

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Curious how to do it? Check out the guide below:

1. Download your Kick VOD.

2. Go to and login. Make sure to sign up for an account if you don’t have one. Don’t worry, it’s free!

3. Connect your Kick account with Eklipse.

4. Choose “Clips” > “Streams.”

5. Choose your Kick Streams in the dashboard.

6. Ekipse will automatically generate cool highlights from your stream. Eklipse also can convert the highlight into a TikTok-ready vertical video for you.

7. Download your highlight or share directly to social media using our Content Planner.

Elevate your streaming game with Eklipse, the ultimate AI video editing tool designed for streamers and content creators. Save a whopping 90% of your editing time and transform your streams into viral clips with just one click. 

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Tips for a Smooth Streaming Experience

As you embark on your streaming journey, keep these tips in mind:

1. Ensure that your bitrate settings align with your internet connection’s maximum upload speed for optimal performance.
2. Select a less demanding preset if you experience stuttering or lag during your stream.
3. Set your stream title and category in advance for a hassle-free start.
4. If using a Mac for streaming, switch to x264 encoder to enable certain options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kick Streaming

You may encounter common issues while setting up or running streams on

1. Why does my Kick stream stutter?
Adjust bitrate and preset settings as necessary.

2. Does Kick support Variable Bitrate (VBR)?
Kick supports only Constant Bitrate (CBR) encoding.

3. What is the maximum resolution supported by Kick?
The maximum resolution supported is 1920×1080.


In conclusion, this guide aims not only to help beginners get started but also to provide valuable insights for experienced streamers looking to optimize their setups and troubleshoot common issues effectively when using KICK services.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to kick-start your journey as a livestreamer on KICK.COM in 2023 consider exploring additional resources available through KICK support directly should any issues arise along the way. Happy Streaming!